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Who we work with

IBioIC work with a wide range of academic partners throughout the UK to fund and deliver PhD projects in the IB space. All IBioIC projects work in partnership with industry, with current industry collaborators located across the UK and internationally.


Academic Partners

Since starting PhD projects in 2014, IBioIC have worked with a wide range of teams across Scotland's  18 HEI's. Following a successful bid for BBSRC funding in 2016, we now also work with the N8 universities across the north of England and are working to widen our partnership base across the UK.

University of Glasgow.png
University of the Highlands and Islands.
Robert Gordon University - Copy.png
Heriot-Watt University - Copy.png
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University of Strathclyde.png
SAMS - Copy.png
The James Hutton Institute.jpg
University of Aberdeen.png
Abertay University - Copy.png
The University of Edinburgh.png
Industry Partners

We are currently working with over 40 of IBioIC's member companies to deliver PhD projects across the IB spectrum. We work with a range of companies from micro start-ups through to large internationals and aim to further develop our network to enhance  our programme.

Cellucomp - Copy.png
Absolute Antibody - Copy.jpg
Leica Biosystems - Copy.png
Diageo - Copy.jpg
GlycoMar - Copy.JPG
Mologic Big in Tiny Science - Copy.png
FAI Aquaculture - Copy.png
Epigem - Copy.png
Drochaid - Copy.jpg
MBL - Copy.jpg
Lucite - Copy.jpg
The Antibody Company.png
MiAlgae 350.jpg
Kettle - Copy.png
Scottish Water.jpg
Merck Serono - Copy.jpg
Horizon Proteins - Copy.png
Training provision 

In addition to working directly to fund joint academic and industry projects, we also act as a third party training provider for externally funded students. This provides the student with access to a structured, quality training programme where the equivalent is not available under their current funding provision. The addition of these students provides further diversity and increases industry linked networking opportunities for the wider cohort.   

University of Strathclyde.png
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