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Training the entrepreneurs of the future

Rachel Moir

17 Jun 2020

Despite the COVID-19 situation, IBioIC were determined to deliver the summer block of cohort training as planned... and so the online training course 'Who wants to be an entrepreneur?' was born. 

June saw a first for IBioIC- a full 3 day training course delivered in the virtual environment! Over the course of three days, students were required to work in teams to start up a new coffee shop business using an online simulator. To add to the experience, students heard from experts in the field of marketing, accountancy and investment and also got the opportunity to quiz 'real life' entrepreneurs. 

Despite the nervous reliance on technology, the training was a success with great interaction from students and speakers. The race to set up the most successful coffee shop was won by Martina Duate, Ash Mattey, Mariachiara Conti and Molly Keith-Baker- well done team Expresso! Hope you are all enjoying your prize of top quality coffee and selection of inspirational books, generously provided by Andy Coleman.

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