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CTP Induction day and initial training 23-25th October 2017

Rachel Moir

2 Nov 2017

The first ever IBioIC Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP) induction event took place over three days in October at the University of Strathclyde.

Developed in partnership with BBSRC, the IBioIC-CTP is a unique programme designed to give PhD students the academic and practical training required to enable them to succeed in their studies and transition into industry. The induction event was a valuable opportunity for the first cohort of CTP PhD students to learn how and why the programme was developed and to undertake their first key training sessions.
Over the course of the three day event, the new CTP PhD students saw presentations from the IBioIC team, current PhD students and industry representatives from IBioIC member companies, Ingenza and Xanthella. They took part in workshops, skills mapping and event planning training and became trained STEM Ambassadors. They also attended a full day of IP and copyright training given by IBioIC member and Patent Attorney, Bev Ouzeman.

Industrial awareness is central to IBioIC’s training programme and courses like these are essential to give students the skills to work in a commercial environment. The CTP team took the opportunity to build this fundamental training into the induction event to ensure that the first cohort of IBioIC-CTP PhD students start out on their studies with a firm appreciation of the crucial relationship between academia and industry in the IB sphere and the importance of developing industry relevant skills to their future careers. It was encouraging to see the enthusiasm with which the students treated their introductory training, and the entire Skills team is looking forward to working with our industrial biotechnologists of the future.

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