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IBioIC Funding Key Points

  • IBioIC will cover up to 50% of the studentship costs. This contribution will be agreed at the application stage and will not vary in line with published UKRI studentship costs. Monies will be transferred directly from IBioIC to the recipient annually upfront in four equal payments as a contribution to Stipend and Fees only.  The student will require payment in alignment with published UKRI stipend/fees figures and differences between this and the upfront agreed amounts (should they occur) will need to be borne by the Academic and/or Industrial Partners.

  • IBioIC funded studentships are only open to IBioIC’s Scottish Academic Partners. 

  • The Industrial Partner can be UK or international.

  • With regards recruitment, applicants can be from the UK, EU or International. However, at application stage, the fees are assumed to be that of a UK student and any additional fees relating to international recruitment will need to be met by the Academic Partner.  

In addition to these key funding points, please also refer to the General Project Requirements. 

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