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For a  PhD Project to be considered for the IBioIC CTP, it must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Projects must be 4 years in duration

  • Topics must align with one or more if IBioIC's major themes in biotechnology

  • Projects must be industrially relevant and innovate

  • Projects must be led my an academic partner and supported by at least one industrial partner. 

  • Industrial partners will be required to be members of IBioIC for the duration of the project. 

  • The industrial partner must provide a 3-12 month industrial placement directly relevant to the PhD. 

  • Evidence of additional funding, either in cash, cash equivalent or in-kind from the Industrial Partner is essential

If your application is successful, as a member of the IBioIC CTP the following conditions must be met: 

  • IBioIC will be invited to attend student recruitment interviews. 

  • An introductory meeting will be held with the industrial partner within the first two months.

  • The student must be in place by October of the starting year unless otherwise advised. 

  • A Personal Development Plan for each student must be submitted within three months of commencing the project. 

  • Completion of a PgCert Researcher Professional Development (RPD) or equivalent PhD training by the student is encouraged.  

  • The student will be required to undertake 2 days per year STEM engagement. 

  • The student must be released for a minimum of 10 days per year in order  to participate in IBioIC structured training.

  • A regular six monthly update will be provided to IBioIC. 

For further information on any of these requirements, contact the IBioIC  team directly. 

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