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BBSRC Funding Key Points

  • The BBSRC cover the full studentship costs. Monies will be transferred directly from BBSRC to the recipient through their existing processes (Je-S) and BBSRC standard regulations will need to be followed. 

  • BBSRC funded studentships are open to all registered HEI across the UK. 

  • The Industrial Partner must have a UK-based research or manufacturing facility unless it can be clearly demonstrated that the project could not be undertaken with any UK facility. 

  • In order to be considered for a BBSRC funded project, the joint in-kind and cash contribution from the Industrial Partner will be required to be equivalent to at least 25 % of the studentship costs as a minimum.

  • With regards recruitment, applicants must be have settled status in the UK, meaning they have no restrictions on how long they can stay and have been 'ordinarily resident' in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the studentship.* 

  • To qualify for BBSRC funding, the University Department named in the application must have at least a 70% submission rate for PhD theses within 4 years. If submission rates are less than 70%, the application will only be considered if there is a supporting statement detailing reasoning behind the lower submission rates and improvement measures in place. Any acceptance of lower than required submission rates will be at the discretion of the BBSRC.

*this policy is currently under review by UKRI in light of the current situation. Please enquire for updates at time of application.  

In addition to these key funding points, please also refer to the General Project Requirements. 

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