Ashley Mattey


2017 Cohort


‘Carbohydrates go with the flow’ 

Nature has provided an unlimited resource of carbohydrate. Their exploitation will be vital to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. The development of green routes to carbohydrate based bio renewables will facilitate a move to a more sustainable chemical industry. Flow chemistry provides a unique opportunity for the exploitation and manipulation of biocatalysts at an industrial scale.  To advance research in this area, we participate in interdisciplinary collaboration between the Turner-Flitsch Group at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology (MIB) and my company partners- Prozomix ltd and Bioshape ltd.

At the MIB, and through IBioIC funding I have been given the opportunity to work at a world leading institution for biotechnology research. In Manchester and using Prozomix ltd. technology we are able to develop enzymatic toolboxes for use in organic chemistry. We are also using new techniques in flow chemistry to improve these reactions further and address the main limitations of biocatalysis. In addition, at Bioshape we use advanced analytical methods to characterise carbohydrates for use in the chemical industry.  

IBioIC has provided me the opportunity to publish my work in high impact journals (See below for links). This work required communication with groups across the globe which would not have been possible without the skills learnt during the CTP training programme. In addition, the course has provided me with the skills to effectively communicate my work through oral and poster presentations. 

Interdisciplinary Skills and Network
Outside of the lab and through the IbioIC Collaborative training programme (CTP) I have developed the skills vital for my personal and career development. Particular highlights have been the ‘costing bioprocesses’ workshop which provided an insight into work away from the academic perspective and more towards industry. Perhaps the biggest bonus of this CTP is the lasting network you develop not only with your fellow students but also with a large number of business leaders within the IB sector. 

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