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Frederica Casolari

Developing a carbazole-base biosensor for the measurement of methacrylate intermediates

University of Aberdeen

Dr. Hai Deng


Frederica Casolari

After finishing my BSc in Chemistry in Italy, I have decided to move to Scotland. Here, I have graduated with a MSc in Analytical Chemistry in 2019 from the University of Aberdeen. During my final project, I have focused my attention on isolating novel compounds from endophytic fungi, which allowed me to explore techniques such as NMR and LC-MS and to navigate more towards biology and microbiology.

However, I wanted to challenge myself by pursuing a PhD in a different branch of chemistry, where organic synthesis and biotechnology will allow me to develop a carbazole-base biosensor for the detection and quantification of methacrylate intermediates. This is also the title of my project that I am undertaking at the University of Aberdeen.

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