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Teodora Stoyanova

Extracting added value from the seaweed industry - a search for novel anti-obesity agents

Robert Gordon University

Dr. Giovanna Bermano and Prof. Cherry Wainwrigh


Teodora Stoyanova

I started my university career at Heriot-Watt University completing a BSc (Hons) Microbiology. I then
continued my education at Strathclyde University with MSc Industrial Biotechnology. The IBioIC
funded course opened my eyes to how the biotechnology industry can improve day to day living. My
industrial placement at GlaxoSmithKline developed my interest in the area further.

I am now undertaking a PhD at The Robert Gordon University under the supervision of Dr. Giovanna
Bermano and Prof. Cherry Wainwright. My project is aimed at adding value to and re-utilising the
waste produced by my industrial partner company, Algaia. It focuses on the identification of high
value chemicals with anti-obesity properties in by-products from the manufacturing process for
seaweed extracts and their potential use for the management of obesity. I will be working with a
C.elegans model of obesity as well as an adipocyte cell line to screen the seaweed extracts provided
by the company and establish their mode of action.

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