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Scarlet Ferrinho

Sustainable production of marine cyanobacterial products (SUS-C-Products): discovery, scale up and maintenance

University of St Andrews

Prof Rebecca Goss, Prof Anna Amtmann, Dr Douglas McKenzie


Scarlet Ferrinho

I graduated from a BSc (hons) biomolecular science degree in 2018 from the University of St Andrews. This course bridged the divide between biology and chemistry, giving me a solid foundation in both subjects. My undergraduate project was working on the genomic and metabolomic discovery of natural products in actinomycetes, and was supervised by Professor Rebecca Goss. I am now doing a PhD in the same laboratory in collaboration with the University of Glasgow to apply my knowledge to the less widely researched cyanobacteria. I'll also be working in collaboration with Xanthella, with whom I shall undertake a placement with, and will aid me in the culturing of cyanobacteria.

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