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Molly Smith

Design and engineering of synthetic vector and media components for intensive transient production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells

University of Sheffield

Prof. David James

Absolute Antibody

Molly Smith

I am currently undertaking a PhD in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department at The University of Sheffield. My project aims to optimise vector design starting with synthetic promoters, as well as other areas of CHO cell and processing engineering for the transient production of antibodies under the supervision of Prof. David C James. My industrial partner is Absolute Antibody, based in Redcar, who focus on the sequencing, engineering and expression of recombinant antibodies. Previously I completed my undergraduate degree in Bioengineering, also at The University of Sheffield, which concentrated on tissue engineering and biomaterial science. My final year project, investigating the functional mutations of the tetraspanin cd63, gave me useful laboratory and project management skills. The summer placement I undertook at CPI biologics further emphasised the importance of research with industrial application aims, ultimately leading me to this PhD.

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