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Matthew Rose

Understanding and exploiting the microbial biotransformations that lead to the production of malodour in humans

University of York

Prof. Gavin Thomas


Matthew Rose

I received my MBiolSci in molecular biology from the University of Sheffield where my final year project, under the supervision of Prof. Jeff Green, focused on the effects of reductive stress on antimicrobial resistance in Staphylococcus aureus. I am currently undergoing my PhD at the University of York studying the microbial biotransformations which occur in the underarm that are responsible for malodour production in humans. My project will focus on the structural determination of certain bacterial enzymes that have been identified to utilise natural odourless secretions present in sweat and produce volatile odorous compounds. This project, in collaboration with Unilever, will then use this structural information to inform the development of novel enzyme inhibitors to prevent malodour formation.

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