2018 Cohort

4 year projects from October 2018 to October 2022

Molly Smith

Design and engineering of synthetic vector and media components for intensive transient production of recombinant proteins in mammalian cells

University of Sheffield

Prof. David James

Absolute Antibody

Teodora Stoyanova

Extracting added value from the seaweed industry - a search for novel anti-obesity agents

Robert Gordon University

Dr. Giovanna Bermano and Prof. Cherry Wainwrigh


Dina Ahmed

Development of novel lignin-metallic nanoparticle composites as anticorrosion and antifouling agents

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Louise Horsfall


Michael Herrera

Engineering a multi-functional molecular machine for industrial biocatalysis

University of Edinburgh

Prof. Dominic Campopiano


Charlie Begley

Exploiting pseudomonas for the production of methacrylate for the plastics industry

University of Strathclyde

Dr. Nicholas Tucker


Neret Navarro

Design of highly immunogenic immunogens for development of monoclonal antibodies to self peptides

University of Strathclyde

Dr. Paul Mulheran

The Antibody Company

Catherine Hill

Large scale microfluids for low cost effective algal dewatering

Heriot Watt University

Prof. Nicholas Willoughby


Matthew Rose

Understanding and exploiting the microbial biotransformations that lead to the production of malodour in humans

University of York

Prof. Gavin Thomas


Scarlet Ferrinho

Sustainable production of marine cyanobacterial products (SUS-C-Products): discovery, scale up and maintenance

University of St Andrews

Prof Rebecca Goss, Prof Anna Amtmann, Dr Douglas McKenzie




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