Anton Puzerjov

A synthetic biology approach to engineering novel commercial variants of the cyanobacterial pigment protein C-phycocyanin

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Alistair McCormick


New Entrepreneur Foundation Class 2018. IBioIC CTP PhD student, Founder of The University of Edinburgh Entrepreneurs, an aspiring entrepreneur and Saltire Foundation 2015 scholar.

In June 2016 I graduated with a First-class honours degree in Biological Sciences (Biotechnology) with Management from the University of Edinburgh. For my honours project I was working on improvement of photosynthetic efficiency by engineering of carbon concentrating mechanisms from cyanobacteria and algae into plants.

In August 2017 I finished an MSc in Bioinformatics at the University of Edinburgh. For my MSc dissertation project I was working as a part of the UoE iGEM Overgraduate team 2017. We developed a modular molecular toolkit for re-sensitisation of antibiotic-resistant pathogens using CRISPR delivered by a two-phage system (

In October 2017 I started a PhD at the UoE with an aim to explore a synthetic biology approach to engineering novel commercial variants of cyanobacterial pigment proteins in collaboration with an industrial partner Scottish Bioenergy. The project is funded by BBSRC, NPIF and IBioIC, and supervised by Alistair McCormick.

In my free time I am working on an exciting new startup venture in the charity innovation space - One Cherry (



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