2017 Cohort

4 year projects from October 2017 to October 2021

Ashley Mattey

Expanding the selectivity and activity of galactose oxidase towards bioactive saccharide products

University of Manchester

Prof. Sabine Flitsch


Mark Maloney

New Lignosulfonates as next generation antimicrobials

University of St Andrews

Prof. Nick Westwood/ Prof. Alexandra M Slavin


Ane Valera

Adaptation of enzymes involved in the valine pathway for the production of methacrylate intermediates

University of Aberdeen

Dr. Hai Deng


Joan Cortada Garcia

Optimisation of mass spectrometry methodologies for continuous sampling of intra- and extracellular metabolomes from synthetic biology fermentations

University of Edinburgh

Prof. Karl Burgess


Katie Schulz

Increasing lifespan in carrots

University of Leeds

Prof. Christine Foyer

Kettle Produce

Mohammed Chilmeran

Enabling metalloenzyme biotransformations within a continuous oscillatory baffled reator

Heriot Watt University

Prof. Xiongwei Ni

Oxford Biotrans Limited

James Marshall

Biocatalytic Asymmetric Reduction Amination Using Reductive Aminases (RedAms)

University of Manchester

Prof. Nicholas Turner


Anton Puzerjov

A synthetic biology approach to engineering novel commercial variants of the cyanobacterial pigment protein C-phycocyanin

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Alistair McCormick


Ayo Ogundero

Predatory bacterial cleaning of filtration membranes

University of Glasgow

Prof.William Sloan/ Dr. Stephanie Connelly

Scottish Water

Martina Daute

Exploiting yeast diversity in whisky fermentations for biocatalysis of desirable flavour compounds

University of Abertay

Prof. Graeme Walker

The Scotch Whisky Research Institute

Timur McArdle Ismaguilov

From lignin-derived mono -aromatics to next generation green surfactants and antimicrobials

University of St Andrews

Prof. Nick Westwood/ Prof. Alexandra M Slavin


Nick Bennett

Plant suspension cells as a production platform for high value chemicals from plants

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Gary Loake




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